Mary Farrell

Mary Farrell

Executive Vice President

Mary Farrell, co-founder of MEF Associates, serves as Executive Vice President of the firm. She brings over two decades of experience studying and evaluating human service programs.

Mary’s work involves managing program evaluations, leading data collection efforts, conducting implementation studies, and conducting cost-benefit studies. Mary has directed or managed numerous projects targeting low-income families, former prisoners, disability beneficiaries, noncustodial parents, and refugees. She is currently working on random assignment evaluations of subsidized employment programs, career pathways programs, and behavioral interventions targeting noncustodial parents and TANF recipients. She is also working on several qualitative studies, including a study of organizational culture in TANF offices, a study of TANF policies that support families experiencing homelessness, and a study of refugee assistance.

Prior to founding MEF Associates, she was a Vice President at The Lewin Group, where she directed the income security and employment work within the Federal Human Services Practice. She previously worked at MDRC and the U.S. Department of Education’s Planning and Evaluation Service.

Mary earned her master’s degree in Public and Private Management (MPPM) from Yale University and her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from the University of California at Berkeley.