Independent Contractor Employment in Washington State

The Washington State Department of Commerce commissioned MEF Associates to design and conduct a descriptive study on independent contractor employment in Washington. The work, being conducted at the request of the Washington State legislature, is exploring the needs of workers earning income as independent contractors, sources of income for these workers, and the benefits provided to independent workers. The project represents an opportunity to fill an important gap in the understanding of employment of independent contractors in Washington. While the existing data infrastructure is well-suited to measure traditional employment, those data are insufficient to fully capture the experiences of independent contractors. The study team will use a mixed methods approach that: (1) analyzes secondary data sources including administrative records, (2) fields an exploratory survey data collection on these workers, and (3) facilitates focus group discussions with independent contractors. MEF is the prime contractor and is partnering with Weeks Consulting and Professors Heather Hill and Scott Allard on this project.

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