Liza Rodler

Research Assistant

Liza Rodler joined MEF Associates as a Research Assistant in 2017. She is interested in addressing educational disparities, economic equality, and public health. Liza brings experience from work with non-profit education organizations, an education foundation in Amman, Jordan, and teaching in a charter school.

At MEF, Liza is involved in several random assignment projects involving healthcare career training for low-income individuals, a large-scale evaluation of early childhood education curricula, and behavioral interventions to improve outcomes for those served by TANF and child welfare programs.

Liza was an Education Studies Scholar at Yale University and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Economics. While at Yale, she mentored middle school students and taught sex education classes in local high schools. A native of Marin County, California, Liza loves hiking, skiing, and scuba diving, as well as almost finishing crossword puzzles and fixing things as she breaks them.