MEF Associates is a small social policy research firm offering a full range of evaluation, policy research, and technical assistance services. We specialize in rigorous research and policy analysis, building knowledge to shape and improve the design and delivery of social programs that help low-income and other vulnerable populations meet their basic needs. We have offices in Alexandria, VA, and Seattle, WA.

Founded in 2009, we have worked on a range of federal, state, and foundation-funded evaluation projects in the areas of child and family policy, workforce development, income security, and early childhood education. Our projects range from multi-site random assignment experiments and demonstrations to program-specific evaluations informing local policy at the organizational or municipal level.

Our experienced staff bring expertise in multiple social policy areas and a demonstrated ability to execute projects with multi-site teams working on issues of national interest.

MEF’s extensive project record is complemented by an exemplary history of positive, lasting client and partner relationships and a reputation of consistent excellence in our policy research work. Our relationships with other experts in the field and academia enable us to effectively bolster the capacity of our core staff, and our bi-coastal presence enables us to take on projects at the local, regional, and national scale.

What does “MEF”
stand for?

MEF Associates was founded in 2009 by Mike E. Fishman and Mary E. Farrell. Two great minds, three shared initials, one great team.